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Add:Jiangshan science & technology zone ,Ningbo ,China
Contact person: Mr. Lin 13605744464; Mr. Wang 15867872660
   About Us
Ningbo Zhonghe was established in 1986.Specializing in the production of high-precisionneedle rollers and cylindrical rollers, Zhonghe iscurrently the leading manufacturer in the domesticneedle roller industry.
Our needle rollers are widely used in automobiles, motorcycle, high-speed rails, robots, power tools,airplanes, machine tools and instrumentation, etc. Itis an indispensable core component in mechanicalequipment. The characteristics of the needle rollerare high precision, stable performance andlong-service life. Quality of our parts have reachedthe world's top level.
At present, our needles and rollers have beenexported to countries and regions like Germany,France, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia,and we are the designated supplier such asBOSCH, SDS, NACHI, BROSE,NEXTEER, GMB, TOYOTA, VW and HYUNDAI.
The company has 210 employees, and all our staffwill try our best to provide products of high qualityand competitive price with good service to ourcustomers.